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Stefano LUPI


Quantum Materials for Quantum technologies

Quantum materials (see Fig.1), like High-Tc superconductors, strongly-correlated metallic oxides, graphene, 2D systems and topological materials are at the forefront in material science, showing several applications in quantum technologies. Most of these systems are characterized by low energy excitations which determine their quantum behavior. Frequency-domain and time-domain spectroscopic techniques in the Terahertz and Infrared spectral range (0.1 THz-250 THz, 3-8000 cm- 1, 0.5 meV-1 eV) are suitable experimental techniques to study the behavior of these materials. In this talk, I will discuss the excitations of quantum materials and highlighting their exotic properties. Then, I will discuss some quantum material-based devices exploiting their properties [9,10,11].
Travaux Lupi

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Stefano LUPI