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Octavian D. PAVEL


The synthesis of nanomaterials by Top-Down and Bottom-Up approaches

The course consists of an overview of the main techniques for obtaining nanomaterials that allow the generation of peculiar physico-chemical properties. Top-Down and Bottom-Up approaches will be considered. They will be presented briefly each separately. From the first category, mechanical and lithographic techniques will be highlighted. From the second category, the techniques of Gas phase fabrication (e.g. physical vapor deposition; chemical vapor deposition) as well as Liquid phase fabrication (e.g. co-precipitation; sol-gel; self-assembled monolayer; microemulsion method; spray pyrolysis; etc.) will be debated. The advantages as well as disadvantages of the considered methods will be presented. At the end of the course, students will be able to easily identify the optimal way to synthesize a nanomaterial depending on the type of required properties.

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