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Microelectronics: More Moore, More than Moore and Beyond Moore

Moore’s Law has driven continuous technological innovation in semiconductor manufacturing, pushing the boundaries of what is possible. It has been driving the semiconductor industry to continuously improve manufacturing processes and miniaturize transistors. As the physical limits of transistor miniaturization are approached, the semiconductor industry has recognized the need for diversification beyond simply increasing transistor density.
“More than Moore” refers to a paradigm shift in semiconductor development that goes beyond the traditional focus on increasing transistor density. Instead, it emphasizes innovations in other aspects of chip design and manufacturing to meet the growing demands of diverse applications.
“Beyond Moore” is a concept that include innovations that go beyond the traditional transistor scaling model. It explores the possibility of using new materials and manufacturing techniques that can surpass the limitations of silicon, like graphene. It is even more disruptive in its aim to invent new computing paradigms, such as quantum computing.

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